Artist’s Statement

The way something is formed; the repeating and rolling of an idea or process until it takes shape is compelling to me. Often on a walk I have lifted a colorful leaf or seedpod and turned it over in my hands to inspect it’s sides. In doing so, I have a completed experience of the visual and tactile elements of the object; I have also indulged my curiosity.


My sculptures and drawings derive from acts of studying, thinking, looking, and repetition. I typically work in copper and glass, applying varying degrees of construction and destruction to achieve mysterious, partially resolved, partially decaying forms. In lieu of studio and health related hurtles, I also applied these processes to drawing: creating, erasing, and repeating images and words until they exist somewhere between clear and indistinct.


I am inspired by historical and modern biological, botanical, chemical, and other scientific imagery. In these images I am attracted to the organization of visual information. I play with the familiarity imaging troupes, such as: the inclusion of multiple view points in a single image, enlarged surfaces studies, placing an object in scale and out of scale in a single environment, diagrams, maps, and graphs hold for the viewer and the connections such layouts inspire.


I love how, as the mind examines and considers an object, image, or experience, it seeks to compare and contrast it with the familiar. In language we speak of digestion as ‘pluming’ and we refer to blue-collar workers as the ‘backbone’ of a company. From the window of an airplane we compare roads to estuaries and talk of cars as protective cells coursing through the veins of the city.


In finding rhythms, parallels, and surprising relationships our understanding is enhanced, convoluted, beautiful, formed, and unformed. I want my work to fall somewhere in this middle- to have the unresolved quality, the amorphous forms, the newness of discovery, and the element of human perception/imagination present in so much thinking. Sometimes my connections make sense, other times they echo like a half remembered nursery rhyme- the sounds soothing familiarity, the mind filling in the unknowns.